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The Domes Task Force is currently evaluating long-term options for the future of the Mitchell Park Domes. Working with outside consultants, the Task Force has developed eight options and are seeking public comment until Monday, July 9. Save Our Domes Coalition and the National Trust for Historic Preservation urge as many people to fill out the County’s survey as possible so that the largest number of viewpoints can be taken into consideration.


To comment, visit and click “Survey” in the upper right-hand corner, and then click “Take Survey” again in the lower left-hand corner. It is recommended you pick option 4, 5A or 5B from the drop-down “Your Preferred Options” menu, and include the following comment:


I support proposals that do not demolish one or more of the Domes, but instead reinvest in the Domes and fully realize the extraordinary asset they could become. New and expanded uses that ensure the Domes remain will relevant to new generations of residents should be compatible with the core mission of the conservatory. The theme for any type of destination attraction (Eco Dome, Adventure Dome, or other) should be driven by community members, following a transparent and open public input process. I hope the Task Force will fully explore all options that retain and reinvest in the three existing Domes. I do not support Options 6a or 6b, which would require demolition of one of the Domes.


About Save Our Domes Coalition

The vision of the Save Our Domes coalition is to see all three domes rehabbed and reused, as a community resource, with programming and sustainable financial operations.