Lucy M. Maulsby

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Lucy M. Maulsby is an Associate Professor of architectural history at Northeastern University in Boston. Her work considers the relationship between politics and the built environment in the modern period. She is currently completing a book on late fascist era architecture and its legacy in post-war Italy, especially the intersections between fascism, imperialism, and racism. This project builds on her first book, Fascism, Architecture, and the Claiming of Modern Milan, 1922–43 (University of Toronto Press, 2014). She has published widely in journals such as the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Urban History, and Future/Anterior. Maulsby’s interest in urban infrastructure and Stull and Lee’s Southwest Corridor Project has resulted in two conference papers (2013, 2022).  She is currently drafting a paper based on this work for publication and is co-curating an exhibition on the Southwest Corridor at Northeastern University.